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Congressional Capacity, “Government Contributions,” and Legislative Branch Spending Visibility

by Matt Glassman — Friday, Aug. 10, 2018@MattGlassman312

Congressional capacity—or the lack thereof—is on the minds of a lot of people in Washington these days, left and right. And almost all of them are very concerned. Flat personal office staffing numbers, combined with an ever-growing elecotrate and radical increase in electronic mail to Congress, has stretched resources thin and forced members to shift […]

The SCOTUS Nomination, Senate Procedure, and Democratic Strategy

by Matt Glassman — Thursday, June 28, 2018@MattGlassman312

With the announcement of Justice Kennedy’s retirement yesterday, many liberals have called on Senate Democrats to take action to block the Senate from confirming a new nominee to the Court. Here are six thoughts on the matter, from a Senate procedure point-of-view. 1.This is a wholly different situation than the Garland nomination in March 2016. In […]

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House Procedure, Agenda Setting, and Impeachment

by Matt Glassman — Friday, Mar. 23, 2018@MattGlassman312

Earlier this week, in response to concerns that President Trump might fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Republican Senators Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham warned that such a move might precipitate impeachment. Of course, Senators cannot impeach the president. The power of impeachment lies solely with the House.  Current conventional wisdom suggests that the House of […]