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Exciting Additions to Jotwell’s Administrative Law Section

by Chris Walker — Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017@chris_j_walker

As I first noted on the blog back three years ago, the Administrative Law Section of Jotwell—The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)—is a terrific resource for administrative law practitioners and scholars. Each month Jotwell’s Administrative Law Section publishes a short review of a current piece of administrative law scholarship, usually authored by one of […]

Administrative Law SSRN Reading List, July 2017 Edition

by Chris Walker — Monday, Aug. 14, 2017@chris_j_walker

Lots of great new adlaw scholarship this summer! Here is the July 2017 edition of the most-downloaded recent papers (those announced in the last 60 days) from SSRN’s U.S. Administrative Law eJournal, which is edited by Bill Funk. The Politics of Invoking Chevron Deference by Kent H. Barnett, Christina L. Boyd & Christopher J. Walker [CJW Note: This […]

Shane on Seifter on Gubernatorial Administration (AdLaw Bridge Series)

by Chris Walker — Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017@chris_j_walker

Last month over at Jotwell my colleague Peter Shane published a terrific review of one of my favorite new administrative law articles of the year: Miriam Seifter’s Gubernatorial Administration, which is forthcoming in the Harvard Law Review. Miriam’s article is brilliant, and such an important contribution to the field and a call for more of us […]

Judicial Deference under the Regulatory Accountability Act

by Chris Walker — Wednesday, July 26, 2017@chris_j_walker

Since I last blogged about the Portman-Heitkamp Regulatory Accountability Act being reported favorably out of committee in May, there hasn’t been any movement on the legislative front. A number of additional administrative law scholars, however, have weighed in, and the legislation continues to get serious attention in policy circles. For instance, Cass Sunstein has a generally […]

Stephen Presser on Law Professors Shaping American Law

by Chris Walker — Monday, July 24, 2017@chris_j_walker

Last week I had the opportunity to debate/discuss the modern administrative state with Stephen Presser at an event hosted by the Federalist Society’s Austin, Texas, Lawyers’ Chapter. In preparation for our discussion, I read Professor Presser’s fascinating new book Law Professors: Three Centuries of Shaping American Law. Although the book is not focused on administrative law, I […]

Attention AdLaw Practitioners: ACUS Is Hiring an Attorney Advisor!

by Chris Walker — Monday, July 24, 2017@chris_j_walker

From the ACUS website: ATTORNEY ADVISOR POSITION The Conference encourages lawyers who may be interested in serving as an attorney advisor to send a brief letter, accompanied by a resume and transcript (official or unofficial), expressing their interest and identifying the approximate date on which they would be available to start. The ideal candidate would […]

Attention Texas AdLaw Nerds: Texas AG Constitutional Law Conference, July 19th

by Chris Walker — Monday, July 10, 2017@chris_j_walker

Next week I’ll be heading to Austin, Texas, to participate in the Texas Attorney General Office’s 2017 Constitutional Law Conference on July 19, 2017. I’m on the first panel entitled “The Past, Present and Future of Judicial Deference to Federal Agencies,” with Aditya Bamzai and Kristin Hickman and moderated by Texas Solicitor General Scott Keller. […]

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Administrative Law SSRN Reading List, June 2017 Edition

by Chris Walker — Friday, July 7, 2017@chris_j_walker

I’m still recovering from an exhausting but awesome Second Annual Administrative Law New Scholarship Roundtable, which my colleague Peter Shane and I hosted at Ohio State last week. I completely concur in Peter’s assessment of the roundtable (which he posted on Facebook last week): There are days that really remind you what academic life is like at […]

Chevron’s Political Dynamics (AdLaw Bridge Series)

by Chris Walker — Friday, June 16, 2017@chris_j_walker

Last July Kent Barnett and I posted a draft of the first paper from our years-long coding project of every publish circuit court decision over an eleven-year period that dealt with Chevron deference. That paper is forthcoming in the Michigan Law Review later this year. I blogged about it here, and Dick Pierce reviewed it over […]