FSU’s Environmental Law Without Courts Symposium Issue

by Christopher J. Walker — Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017@chris_j_walker

Last year I blogged about a terrific symposium hosted by the Florida State University College of Law, entitled Environmental Law Without Courts. Florida State’s Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law just published the symposium issue, which includes short essays by the various presenters and shorter reactions by the assigned respondents.

My contribution, Lawmaking Within Federal Agencies and Without Judicial Review, is available here, with terrific responses by Arden Rowell (here) and Mark Seidenfeld (here).  The full issue is available on the Journal‘s website, reproduced below:

Environmental Law Without Courts Symposium:

Looking Toward the Future of Judicial Review for the Public Lands
Eric Biber

Judicial Review for the Public Lands: Comment to Eric Biber
Shi-Ling Hsu

Federal Fisheries Management: A Quantitative Assessment of Federal Fisheries Litigation Since 1976
Robin Kundis Craig and Catherine Danley

Comments on Fisheries Management Without Courts
Donna Christie

Fisheries Without Courts: How Fishery Management Reveals Our Dynamic Separation of Powers
Erin Ryan

The Military-Environmental Complex and the Courts
Sarah E. Light

The Military-Environmental Complex and the Courts: Comment to Sarah Light
Shi-Ling Hsu

Agency Behavior and Discretion on Remand
Robert L. Glicksman and Emily Hammond

Agency Motivations in Exercising Discretion
David L. Markell

Agency Innovation in Vermont Yankee’s White Space
Emily S. Bremer and Sharon B. Jacobs

Expanding the Boundaries of Administrative Constitutionalism: Understanding and Assessing Agencies’ Experimentation with Procedures
Hannah J. Wiseman

Lawmaking Within Federal Agencies and Without Judicial Review
Christopher J. Walker

Environmental Lawmaking Within Federal Agencies and Without Judicial Review
Arden Rowell

The Long Shadow of Judicial Review
Mark Seidenfeld

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