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Yet Another Illegal ACA Tax Regulation

by Andy Grewal — Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015

I have previously written about various IRS regulations that contradict the clear language of tax code Section 36B. I recently re-examined the regulations and was only mildly surprised to find another provision that plainly exceeds the IRS’s rulemaking powers. Here, the IRS has simply discarded the statute’s joint return requirement for a segment of taxpayers […]

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The IRS Isn’t an Expert?

by Andy Grewal — Monday, June 29, 2015

Today, the Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated decision in King v. Burwell, holding that the Section 36B premium tax credit extends to taxpayers who acquire healthcare policies on federally established exchanges. The decision probably will not bear much on core tax provisions, but the Court’s reasoning could have major implications for the IRS’s administration of the […]

Did the IRS Already Admit Defeat in King v. Burwell?

by Andy Grewal — Monday, June 15, 2015

In researching Section 4980H assessable payments, commonly referred to as the ACA employer penalty, I came across some potentially significant statements in IRS Notice 2011-36, dated May 23, 2011. The Notice, which reflects an official statement of the IRS, solicits public comments related to regulations under Section 4980H. In describing the statutory scheme, the IRS […]

More Unlawful ACA Premium Tax Credits

by Andy Grewal — Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I might be accused of picking at low-hanging fruit, but I’d nonetheless like to devote another blog post to more IRS regulations that expand and contradict Section 36B. My prior blog posts, which I’ve adapted into an essay upcoming in Bloomberg BNA, discuss regulations that improperly extend ACA premium tax credits to persons in the […]

Employer Consequences of the Illegal ACA Tax Credit Expansion

by Andy Grewal — Tuesday, Apr. 7, 2015

In my prior posts, I have discussed two Treasury/IRS regulations that contradict the language of Section 36B. The first regulation rewrites Section 36(c)(1)(B) and extends the ACA tax credit, in a roundabout way, to unlawful aliens. However, as I previously noted, it’s doubtful that the employers of the unlawful aliens would face any adverse consequences […]

Another Illegal Expansion of the ACA Tax Credit

by Andy Grewal — Monday, Apr. 6, 2015

In a prior post, I wrote about Treasury/IRS regulations that contradict Section 36B and extend the ACA premium tax credit to some low-income unlawful aliens. In this post, I want to discuss another regulation that contradicts the statute. Although Section 36B provides tax credits only if your household income falls within a certain range (100 […]

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Unlawful Aliens and ACA Tax Credits

by Andy Grewal — Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2015

In my prior post, I explained how Treasury/IRS regulations contradict Section 36B and essentially extend premium tax credits to the lawfully residing dependents of an unlawfully residing alien. I posited that a controversy could arise when the extension of that credit triggered an employee penalty. To avoid a penalty under Section 4980H(a), an employer must provide […]

Another “Glitch” with the ACA Tax Credit?

by Andy Grewal — Monday, Mar. 30, 2015

As the end of the Supreme Court’s current term nears, all eyes are on King v. Burwell, in which the Court will address whether premium tax credits under the Affordable Care Act extend to purchases of health plans on federally established exchanges. As I learn more about Section 36B, however, I’m growing increasingly concerned that […]