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U.S. v. Texas – Texas Narrows Its Attack, by Michael Kagan

by Guest Blogger — Saturday, Apr. 9, 2016

Last month I offered some thoughts on the Obama Administration’s opening brief in United States v. Texas, the pending Supreme Court challenge to the President’s deferred action policies for unauthorized immigrants (known as DAPA and DACA). Texas has now filed its brief opposing the programs. Looking at this from the 10,000 foot level, there are […]

U.S. v. Texas – Some Observations as the Briefing Begins, by Michael Kagan

by Guest Blogger — Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2016

Last week the Obama Administration filed its opening brief in United States v. Texas, the pending case at the Supreme Court challenging President Obama’s immigration deferred action programs, known as DACA and DAPA. We haven’t seen Texas’ brief yet, but here are some initial reactions: Justice Scalia’s Mixed Legacy for Deferred Action Justice Scalia’s death […]

Policy, Politics, and Administrative Law: The Obama Administration’s Deferred Action Program

by Connor N. Raso — Monday, Apr. 20, 2015

The Obama administration’s deferred action program for eligible undocumented immigrants has thrust an obscure issue into the spotlight: when must federal agencies allow the public to comment on their policy initiatives? In February, a federal judge issued a temporary injunction against the program largely on the grounds that the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) decision […]