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Guestblogging at PrawfsBlawg re: Jr. Law Professor FAQs

by Christopher J. Walker — Monday, Apr. 4, 2016@chris_j_walker

For those readers who are law professors (or aspiring law professors), I thought I’d note that I’m guestblogging over at PrawfsBlawg this month, doing series on frequently asked questions by junior law professors concerning scholarship and becoming a voice in one’s field. I plan on doing a dozen or so questions, hopefully crowdsourcing answers from the […]

The DOJ OLC College of Law [updated 10/9]

by Christopher J. Walker — Friday, Oct. 9, 2015@chris_j_walker

On the administrative law professor email listserv, my colleague Peter Shane sparked an intriguing discussion about the impact of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) on administrative law scholarship and the legal academy more generally. With permission, I’m reprinting a (slightly edited) version of his initial email to the listserv: I recently received […]