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A Reply to Bray’s Response to The Lost History of the “Universal” Injunction, by Mila Sohoni

by Guest Blogger — Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019

In Multiple Chancellors, Professor Bray argued that federal courts should give only a “plaintiff-protective injunction, enjoining the defendant’s conduct only with respect to the plaintiff,” “[n]o matter how important the question and how important the value of uniformity,” with respect to federal defendants. (MC, p. 420; p. 424 (noting that this rule would “logically apply” […]

A Response to The Lost History of the “Universal” Injunction, by Samuel Bray

by Guest Blogger — Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019

Professor Mila Sohoni is the author of a string of significant articles on administrative law, and two of her forthcoming articles are about national injunctions. One of these is The Lost History of the “Universal” Injunction, which is forthcoming in the Harvard Law Review. The article is a vigorous argument that national injunctions are in […]

Sohoni on Nationwide Injunctions

by Christopher J. Walker — Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019@chris_j_walker

Nationwide or universal injunctions continue to be a hot topic in administrative law and federal courts, with Sam Bray leading the charge (at least in the legal academy) to get rid of them — as I noted in a prior post. Mila Sohoni has come to the nationwide injunction’s defense, at least as a constitutional […]