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D.C. Circuit Review – Reviewed: No Net Neutrality … and the Dangers of “Moreover”

by Aaron Nielson — Saturday, May 28, 2016@Aaron_L_Nielson

Everyone, it seems, is waiting for the D.C. Circuit’s “net neutrality” decision. The case was argued last December and so could be decided anytime.* But it wasn’t decided this week. Although the D.C. Circuit’s only opinion this week did involve the FCC, and while it was authored by Judge Tatel, it wasn’t the big one […]

Some Thoughts on FCC Merger Review Occasioned by the Demise of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal

by Daniel Deacon — Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2015

In non-net neutrality telecom news, last week saw the announcement that Comcast has ended its $45 billion bid for Time Warner Cable. The announcement came after government officials met with Comcast executives and expressed their opposition to the merger. For their part, FCC staff members were reportedly prepared to refer the merger to an FCC […]

The FCC’s Title II Reclassification: The Lawsuits Are Here!

by Daniel Deacon — Thursday, Apr. 23, 2015

Now that the FCC’s Open Internet/Title II Reclassification Order has finally arrived (along with the inevitable lawsuits), I thought I would do a brief addendum to my prior post on the various legal challenges confronting the FCC’s plan. (For Gus Hurwitz’s response to that post, and my reply, see here and here.) One thing my prior […]