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Iowa Law Review Symposium: Administering Patent Law, This Friday, 10/5

by Christopher J. Walker — Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018@chris_j_walker

This Friday (10/5) the Iowa College of Law will host the 2018 Iowa Law Review symposium, Administering Patent Law. The symposium focuses on the intersection of patent and administrative law, a juncture that has become particularly salient in recent years and is poised to become even more so with the Supreme Court’s continuing interest in […]

Over at Written Description: Ouellette on Walker/Wasserman on PTAB and Administrative Law

by Christopher J. Walker — Friday, Apr. 27, 2018@chris_j_walker

Over at the IP/patent law blog Written Description, Lisa Ouellette has a very thoughtful post on The New World of Agency Adjudication, my new paper with Melissa Wasserman that is forthcoming in the California Law Review next year. Here’s the first and last paragraph: Christopher Walker is a leading administrative law scholar, and Melissa Wasserman‘s excellent work on […]

Situating PTAB Adjudication Within the New World of Agency Adjudication

by Christopher J. Walker — Friday, Mar. 23, 2018@chris_j_walker

Over at Patently-O, Melissa Wasserman and I have the following guest post on our new article: In 2011, Congress created a series of novel proceedings for private parties to challenge issued patents before the newly formed Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). While the PTAB proceedings are immensely popular, they have also been controversial. A series of […]