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Scalia and Chevron: Not Drawing Lines, But Resolving Tensions

by Adam White — Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016

Among the many reasons for mourning Justice Scalia’s untimely passing (on which I’ve written at length elsewhere) is the fact that his death abruptly cut short his late-career reconsiderations of the administrative state. As Aaron Nielson observes, recent years had seen Justice Scalia expressing serious doubts about judicial deference to agency interpretations of their own […]

Killing Chevron

by Andy Grewal — Friday, Mar. 13, 2015

In a characteristically provocative opinion, Justice Scalia, concurring in Perez v. Mortgage Bankers, expressed skepticism over Chevron deference. He suggests that Chevron does not comport with the APA’s directive that “the reviewing court” decide questions of law and that Chevron goes beyond the historic level of deference accorded agency interpretations. Putting aside issues of stare […]