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Kozel on Stare Decisis and Overturning Chevron and Auer Deference

by Chris Walker — Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019@chris_j_walker

This week the Supreme Court set oral argument in Kisor v. Wilkie for March 27th. Kisor presents the question whether the Court should overturn Auer deference — the doctrine that commands courts to defer to an agency’s interpretation of its own regulation so long as it is not plainly inconsistent. Last year I published a short […]

Walters on Testing Auer Skeptics’ Self-Delegation Hypothesis (AdLaw Bridge Series)

by Chris Walker — Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018@chris_j_walker

As I noted back in July, the Supreme Court appeared to have a decent vehicle to consider whether to overrule Auer (aka Seminole Rock) deference — the doctrine that commands courts to defer to a federal agency’s interpretation of its own regulation unless the agency’s interpretation is “plainly erroneous or inconsistent with the regulation.” Yesterday the Court granted that […]

Empirical Insight into the Use of Seminole Rock Doctrine (Part II), by William Yeatman

by Guest Blogger — Friday, Sept. 28, 2018

In my last post, I presented the results of an empirical investigation into Seminole Rock deference as a judicial methodology. Below, I lend perspective to these results. Deference to Agency Interpretations of Non-Regulatory Texts Is an Understudied Area of Administrative Law Perhaps the most noteworthy finding of this analysis is that the Seminole Rock framework […]

New Supreme Court Cert Petition to Overrule Auer Deference: Kisor v. O’Rourke

by Chris Walker — Monday, July 9, 2018@chris_j_walker

Here at Notice and Comment two years ago, we did an online symposium on the future of Auer (aka Seminole Rock) deference — the doctrine that commands courts to defer to a federal agency’s interpretation of its own regulation unless the agency’s interpretation is “plainly erroneous or inconsistent with the regulation.” In recent years, as I detail […]

Will the Supreme Court Revisit Deference Doctrines This Term?

by Jennifer Mascott — Friday, Oct. 6, 2017@jennmascott

Yesterday in his Supreme Court Relist Watch, John Elwood highlighted the Supreme Court’s unusual action this past summer on a cert petition regarding Chevron deference. Mr. Elwood observed that the Supreme Court relisted—again— Scenic America, Inc. v. Department of Transportation, 16-739, which garnered attention this summer when the court called for a reply . . […]

Does Auer/Chevron Deference Apply to State Agency Interpretations of Federal Law?

by Chris Walker — Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017@chris_j_walker

In Grand Canyon Trust v. Energy Fuels Resources (U.S.A.) Inc., Judge Waddoups of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah concluded that a state agency is entitled to “some deference” as to an interpretation by the Utah Department of Air Quality (DAQ) of the Clean Air Act and its implementing regulations. Here’s the key part […]

A Status Update on Criticisms of Auer and Chevron Deference

by Chris Walker — Monday, Sept. 11, 2017@chris_j_walker

Back in April the Georgetown Center for the Constitution and the Institute for Justice organized a terrific conference entitled Challenging Administrative Power. The Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy generously agreed to publish the papers presented at the conference, and that conference issue is forthcoming early next year. For my short conference contribution, I decided […]

Judicial Deference under the Regulatory Accountability Act

by Chris Walker — Wednesday, July 26, 2017@chris_j_walker

Since I last blogged about the Portman-Heitkamp Regulatory Accountability Act being reported favorably out of committee in May, there hasn’t been any movement on the legislative front. A number of additional administrative law scholars, however, have weighed in, and the legislation continues to get serious attention in policy circles. For instance, Cass Sunstein has a generally […]

Reflections on Seminole Rock: The Complete Symposium

by Aaron Nielson — Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016@Aaron_L_Nielson

Last month, Notice & Comment hosted a two-week symposium on Seminole Rock (or Auer) deference. The complete symposium is now available on SSRN. Here is the link. And here is the Table of Contents: Introduction by Aaron Nielson The Lost History of Seminole Rock by Sanne H. Knudsen & Amy J. Wildermuth Henry Hart’s Brief, […]

Conclusion: Reflections on Seminole Rock

by Aaron Nielson — Friday, Sept. 23, 2016@Aaron_L_Nielson

Our symposium on Seminole Rock deference has now come to an end. I will take a few moments, however, to thank all of the participants. By my count, 30 different contributors posted as part of this symposium. We are fortunate that so many folks, with so many different perspectives, were willing to take the time […]