Print Edition

Regulating by Example

Susan C. Morse & Leigh Osofsky

Stock Market Manipulation and Its Regulation

Merritt B. Fox, Lawrence B. Glosten & Gabriel V. Rauterberg

Resolving the Crisis in U.S. Merger Regulation

Dan Awrey, Blanaid Clarke & Sean J. Griffith

Containing Systemic Risk By Taxing Banks Properly

Mark Roe & Michael Troege

Dysfunctional Delegation

Hannah J. Wiseman


Credit Default Swaps on Municipal Bonds

Ming Wang


Diagramming Interpretation

James Durling

Notice & Comment

In a late December split decision, In Re A Cmty. Voice, et al. v. U.S. Envtl. Prot. Agency, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit sharply expanded an agency’s responsibilities under APA § 555(b), which requires that “within a reasonable time, each agency shall proceed to conclude a matter presented to it.” The […]
Viewed from the perspective of a student preparing to take a final exam in administrative law, the doctrinal status quo with respect to judicial review of agency actions is a confused mess. Courts apply, and scholars debate, at least two versions of Skidmore, at least five versions of Chevron, and a constantly evolving version of […]
That’s the title of a new book by Lisa Manheim and Kathryn Watts. From the press release: The book emerged from a class Watts and a colleague put together — at the request of students — within weeks of Trump’s election. The feedback they received, along with news coverage of the class, helped to confirm […]
Have you ever read the unabridged Les Misérables?* One of my favorite activities — unfortunately, not one I do all that often — is reading 19th century fiction. For a long time, my favorite author was Thackeray. Recently, however, I’ve started re-reading the greatest hits of Victor Hugo. And sure enough, Les Misérables is an […]

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