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I’ve got a piece at Vox discussing what happens next with House v. Price, the Obamacare litigation over whether Congress has appropriated the money to make cost-sharing payments. To bring you quickly up to speed: a district court in Washington, D.C., concluded last year that the Obama administration was breaking the law in making the […]
I’ve reached the happy milestone of republishing my book, The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve, in paperback. This means a new preface, copied below. It’s long, but because I spend a lot of time in it discussing some of the themes and ideas that first found their home in these digital pages, I thought I […]
Judge Gorsuch does not need me to defend him.* His opinions are well written and speak for themselves. (It is not by accident that the American Bar Association deemed him “well qualified” for the Supreme Court!) But this blog has recently published three posts charging Gorsuch with not “car[ing] about precedent”; exhibiting “remarkable carelessness about […]
This is part three of a three-part series on Judge Gorsuch. Last summer when I was taking the New York bar, I ran into an acquaintance who was an incoming clerk for one of President Trump’s Supreme Court short-listers. At some point she asked me what a judge I knew was “like,” and I replied that […]

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