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After a longer-than-I-would-have-liked break, I’m back with another installment of Fifth Circuit Review—Reviewed. This post will be longer than usual because so much has happened since my last update. I think I’ll start where Aaron Nielson’s most recent D.C. Circuit Review—Reviewed left off. Aaron discussed Judge Tatel’s opinion in Save Jobs USA v. DHS, No. […]
Professor Zachary Price recently posted an essay arguing that a Trump Administration loss in the DACA repeal case would have “long-term implications . . . quite adverse to progressive goals.” Given his record of thoughtful scholarly articles about the legal and policy issues surrounding the deliberate underenforcement of law, it is not surprising that Professor […]
I’ve got an op-ed in the New York Times today that explores how the Trump administration is using executive power in the health-care space. It’s not a pretty picture. As Democrats debate the best way to achieve universal coverage and lower health care costs, the Trump administration has a different approach to the challenges of our […]
On Friday, the Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State will host a day-long conference on “Technology, Innovation, and Regulation.” It’s an admittedly broad topic. What we have in mind are twin questions: How does regulation affect technological innovation? And how does technological innovation affect regulation? We’ll be focusing on specific issues regarding social […]

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