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The video of today’s press conference is here, and I’ve pasted below Senator Portman’s press release on the legislation. This is an important and thoughtful proposal to modernize the Administrative Procedure Act, and I will have much more to say about it in the coming weeks (once my Senate academic fellowship concludes). Here’s the press release: […]
There is substantial evidence that opioid addiction poses a significant threat to individual and public health in the United States.  The CDC reports that the majority of drug overdose deaths (more than six out of ten) involve an opioid.  Since 1999, the number of overdose deaths involving opioids quadrupled. From 2000 to 2015 more than […]
When the Department of Homeland Security makes the choice to refrain from bringing charges against an undocumented person working at a restaurant or to freeze a removal order for a woman who serves as a primary caregiver to her U.S.-citizen children, the agency is favorably exercising “prosecutorial discretion,” which refers to the decision by DHS […]
Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Trump, recently changed her position in the White House from informal advisor to unpaid government employee. See CNN (Mar. 29, 2017). Through this change, Ivanka, referred to here by her first name to avoid confusion with her father, became officially subject to various statutory ethics rules. Though the relevant […]

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