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At the American Bar Association’s annual Administrative Law Conference in December, I had the privilege of moderating a panel entitled Your Agency Is Not That Special: The Decline of Administrative Law Exceptionalism. The panel consisted of leading experts on administrative law exceptionalism from three distinct regulatory fields: Jill Family for immigration, Kristin Hickman for tax, […]
There are some misconceptions floating around about what the executive order does and doesn’t do. Let me try to clarify. As I explained in a post last week, “[a]uthority to implement the ACA … is vested in the Secretaries of HHS, Treasury, and Labor—not the President. In the context of the ACA, an executive order […]
Eight years ago I was a law clerk for the D.C. Circuit — and I had a great view of the U.S. Capitol. In fact, my view was almost postcard perfect. Further, as you no doubt recall, January 2009 was an eventful time in the city. It does not happen often that a new President […]
Over at Jotwell, Kathryn Watts reviews my co-blogger Nick Bagley’s latest article, Remedial Restraint in Administrative Law, which is forthcoming in the Columbia Law Review. We need more scholarly discussion on remedies in administrative law — Sam Bray’s new paper on nationwide injunctions comes immediately to mind — and Professor Watts’s review and Nick’s article are terrific […]

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