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From for the Federalist Society website, here are the details on this year’s Article I Initiative Writing Contest: The Nondelegation Doctrine: Intelligible Principle or Unworkable Standard? The Federalist Society’s Article I Initiative is focused on the critical issue of why the modern Congress is not functioning as the most powerful branch as envisioned by the […]
In CREW v. Trump, some private parties have alleged that President Trump has violated the Constitution’s emoluments clauses through his continued business activities. They believe that the Constitution forbids a President from transacting with foreign or domestic governments, and that President Trump’s doing so harms them. They claim that their businesses compete with the President’s […]
This will be a quick post. Last week’s theme, you see, was vacation — in the sense of vacatur. This week’s theme is vacation — in the sense of enjoyable travel. Why? Because today I found myself in Washington, D.C. for two separate D.C. Circuit-related investitures. To begin, Chris Landau* took the oath to serve […]
The D.C. Circuit clearly has an outsized role in the development of administrative law.  But it’s hardly the only court of appeals deciding important administrative law cases.  Other people have posted to highlight the Fifth and Ninth Circuits’ contributions.  This post is to make three points about why the Federal Circuit may have the strongest […]

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