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On Friday, the Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State will host a day-long conference on “Technology, Innovation, and Regulation.” It’s an admittedly broad topic. What we have in mind are twin questions: How does regulation affect technological innovation? And how does technological innovation affect regulation? We’ll be focusing on specific issues regarding social […]
Welcome back to Ninth Circuit Review-Reviewed, your monthly recap of administrative law before arguably “the second most important court in the land.” Let’s get straight to last month’s cases. Chevron Step Negative Infinity Most judicial opinions follow a template. They start with an introduction, then move on to a section that lays out the “standard […]
Would LeBron James — one of the best basketball players of all time — be a good professional football player? Or, to a bit more realistic, had LeBron James never played basketball at all but instead had devoted himself to football, would he have thrived in the NFL? These are the sorts of questions that […]
Our blog exploded a couple of weeks ago when the president issued two new Executive Orders related to guidance. In about 24 hours we had four fine contributions, a testament to the blog’s deep bench: Breaking News: Two Major Executive Orders, Aaron Nielson The October 9 Executive Orders and Government Acquisition of Information, Bernard Bell […]

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