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Reader, no doubt you have come to appreciate just how much nicer the new Notice & Comment looks compared to the old site. (Indeed, the old Notice & Comment looked a lot like this or even this.) To be sure, the transition has not been seamless; I’ve noticed a hiccup now and then. But on […]
Earlier this year my Ohio State colleague Peter Shane and I read at our regular “book club” Leah Litman‘s Taking Care of Federal Law, which was published in the Virginia Law Review. This is such a engaging and provocative paper, and I was glad to see Peter review it for Jotwell last month. Here’s a summary of the paper […]
Over at the Library of Law and Liberty, I had a post yesterday, entitled Do Judicial Deference Doctrines Actually Matter?, on Kent Barnett and my new article Chevron in the Circuit Courts, which is forthcoming in the Michigan Law Review. In that post, I briefly recap the current debate about whether to get rid of, or […]
I blogged about this project earlier in the year, but I’m excited to report that I finally have a full draft of the article, Legislating in the Shadows, which is forthcoming in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.  This article documents a previously under-explored yet widespread practice—how agencies confidentially assist Congress in drafting statutes—and then explores […]

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