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This has been a very busy week in the D.C. Circuit. Not only did the Court issue eight opinions, it also heard oral argument en banc in two of the most important administrative law cases of the year. (Jennifer Mascott has already shared her thoughts.) The oral arguments are fascinating. If you are interested, the […]
President Trump’s hiring freeze is likely illegal. In an effort to reduce the size of the federal workforce, President Trump instituted a general hiring freeze on new federal workers. Subsequently, President Trump issued a memo instructing agencies to “begin taking immediate actions to achieve near-term workforce reductions and cost savings, including planning for funding levels […]
Uniform Law Commission Acts and Projects Part 2 The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act Increasingly, state governments are publishing laws, statutes, agency rules, and court rules and decisions online.  In some states, important state-level legal material is no longer published in books, but is only available online.  While electronic publication of legal material has created […]
This week the D.C. Circuit sitting en banc heard arguments in its blockbuster (by Washington standards) double-header featuring the appointments and removal implications of Article II. In a nutshell, the cases address whether Article II’s transparency and accountability requirements mean (i) a single head of an executive branch agency must be removable at will (PHH […]

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