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As Aaron Nielson has reported on this blog, yesterday afternoon the D.C. Circuit issued a judgment in the SEC ALJ case. The judgment essentially reinstates the D.C. Circuit’s earlier panel decision finding that the ALJs are not Article II “officers” subject to the Constitution’s Appointments Clause requirements. The judgment thus also reinstates the D.C. Circuit’s […]
The D.C. Circuit just issued an unusual order in the ongoing saga of Raymond J. Lucia Companies, Inc. v. SEC. I won’t repeat the full background here; this post already does the trick. The dispute is whether SEC administrative law judges are “inferior officers” for purposes of Article II. The Tenth Circuit has held that […]
Editor’s Note: Aneil Kovvali recently published a longer essay on this subject in the Yale Journal on Regulation Bulletin. You can access it here. Recent events have brought renewed attention to statutes designed to constrain the president.  Troublingly, such statutes are often given limited constructions that weaken their force.  Under the constitutional avoidance canon, statutes […]
The Senate has now released the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, its answer to the House’s American Health Care Act. The bill is wildly unpopular and has already come under fire from Senate Republicans, either for being too mean or not mean enough. But some version of the BCRA may still get 50 votes […]

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