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In general, private food safety standards might be regarded as beneficial for both producers and consumers. If Walmart, for example, imposes a requirement on its supplier farms to use chemical fertilizers instead of manure, an important safety risk is minimized (although with other perhaps less desirable costs imposed on farmers and their environment), consumers’ food […]
The D.C. Circuit is a predictable court — until it’s not. I’ve been blogging about the D.C. Circuit for over a year and I thought I had the pattern down. The Court issues opinions on Tuesdays and Fridays–meaning no opinions the rest of the week. Thus, I felt safe taking my children–who, for reasons I […]
Next Friday, October 28th, the American Bar Association Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice will hold its annual Administrative Law Section Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. Each year the ABA AdLaw Section hands out a number of awards, including an award for the best piece of administrative law scholarship published in the last year. This […]
Over the last few years Michael Sant’Ambrogio and Adam Zimmerman have been doing very important work on the various adjudicatory tools federal agencies may have available to them to engage in aggregate agency adjudication. First, in The Agency Class Action, published in the Columbia Law Review, they sketch out the theoretical and policy case for […]

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