Regulatory Change & the Trump Administrative State Conference

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The D.C. Circuit did not decide any cases this week. So feel free to skip this post.* A few weeks back I participated in an ABA teleforum about Kisor v. Wilkie and the future of Auer deference. One thing that struck me during that conversation was how, well, slow administrative change can be. Folks have […]
After a number of weekends the Editor has finished reading a very informative book written by a score of talented scholars and edited by Professor Parrillo of Yale University on the works of an administrative law legend, Professor Mashaw. Selfishly we often read articles from the perspective of issues we are working on, in this […]
Over at the Administrative Fix Blog hosted by the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS), Frank Massaro has this post on ACUS’s New Sourcebooks: In early 2019, ACUS will publish several new sourcebooks that will serve as invaluable resources for understanding the federal government and the diverse work of federal administrative agencies. First, in January […]
Large pharmaceutical companies are difficult to regulate. The major drug companies generate billions of dollars in annual revenues, rendering old-school command-and-control enforcement tools, particularly monetary penalties, largely ineffective. Regulatory shaming is an intriguing new regulatory tactic that is now emerging in the health industry and in other regulated sectors, with the potential to change traditional […]

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