Regulatory Change & the Trump Administrative State Conference

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Apologies: This is a quick post; I’m traveling this week. Summers in the D.C. Circuit are busy. And it is now summertime. We have eleven opinions this week. Before getting to those cases, however, I want to discuss an update on a case that bounced around within the D.C. Circuit for a while before it […]
This spring, I had the pleasure of participating in the Yale Journal on Regulation conference on “Regulatory Change & the Trump Administrative.”  I was honored to be a speaker on the “Changes in Administrative Law in the Executive Branch” panel, along with Professors Gillian Metzger (Columbia) and Bridget Dooling (George Washington).   Our moderator was Professor Nicholas […]
Welcome back to Ninth Circuit Review-Reviewed, your monthly recap of administrative law before arguably “the second most important court in the land.” Let’s get straight to last month’s controversies. The Elusiveness of Plain Meaning in Organic Statutes Outside of date-certain deadlines, are enabling acts ever truly plain? This week’s lead case presents an instance where […]
It’s remarkable how much nonsense (or worse) can be crammed into 280 characters. #NationalDoughnutDay, indeed. And I even like donuts! Bah humbug. To all of it, I say #GetOffMyLawn. That said, I enjoy learning about new things. And a good way to do that is Twitter. Granted, the nonsense-to-sense ratio could be better. But there […]

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