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Here’s the nomination information for each of these three awesome administrative law awards from the ABA Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. From the call for nominations: Nominations for 2017 are open! Visit the Awards page on our website to learn more about requirements and submitting nominations.   Award for Scholarship in Administrative Law […]
[2/21 3:10PM Update: The final signed versions of the Kelly guidance memos are available here. The final version of the relevant memo includes the same rationale about immigration court backlogs discussed in this post.] Are these the actual guidance memos? Two guidance memos signed by Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly recently surfaced that appear to […]
Over the past week, several sources reported that the Trump Organization finally won its long-running battle to obtain a Chinese trademark. See, e.g., CNN (Feb. 17, 2017). A “squatter” had previously registered the trademark, which related to the use of the Trump name in construction-related businesses. But after years of litigation and administrative petitions, the […]
The Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act appears to be stalling. If and when it picks up again, the fate of section 7701(o) of the Internal Revenue Code will be far from the most consequential issue at stake. But section 7701(o), the provision added by the ACA that codifies the tax law economic […]

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