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D.C. Circuit Review – Reviewed: Rejection

by Aaron Nielson — Friday, Mar. 1, 2019@Aaron_L_Nielson

No one likes being rejected. Many years ago, during my 1L summer, I was introduced to a partner at a law firm. For fluky reasons, we had time for a long conversation. At the end of it, this partner — sua sponte, I stress — gave me his card and said something like this: “During […]

A “Pioneer” with “a Subtle Wisdom” — and a “Genuine Wealth Minimizer” to Boot: The Legacy of Chief Judge Patricia Wald

by Aaron Nielson — Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019@Aaron_L_Nielson

If you ever want to get a sense of the real D.C. Circuit — a feel for the personalities behind it — I recommend you spend some time at the D.C. Circuit Historical Society’s web page. I went there today upon learning the sad news of Chief Judge Wald’s passing. One valuable service the Historical […]