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Mortazavi on Computer Analysis of Rulemaking Comments (AdLaw Bridge Series)

by Emily Bremer — Friday, June 23, 2017@emilysbremer

Technology has promised big benefits for public participation in notice-and comment rulemaking, but it has also presented new challenges for agencies.  For example, as the number of rulemaking comments has increased, so too has the administrative burden of reviewing those comments.  Can an agency use computer software to help ease this burden while still discharging its obligations under the APA?  Melissa Mortazavi addresses […]

New Legislation Might Actually Improve Rulemaking—Here’s How, by Bruce Kraus

by Guest Blogger — Friday, Jan. 29, 2016

Both the NYT and Connor Raso’s post below warn darkly of rumored new regulatory reform legislation. But any new bill will be a breath of fresh air, compared to its archly-partisan predecessor, the Financial Regulatory Responsibility Act of 2011. Connor and I roundly denounced the FFRA in the SSRN draft of our Rational Boundaries article. […]